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On Friday, under extreme circumstances, I came in for a emergency exam and evaluation. The clinical aspect of the visit was exceptional. Everything that need to be addressed for my care was seamlessly managed in a very efficient and professional manor. Most noteworthy above the dental care I received, was finding a healthcare team with compassion, understanding and kindness. From my first phone call to Dr. Pollack's office, the entire experience was remarkable! Dr. Pollack took command of my dental care needs and personally coordinated everything with my physicians and specialists. Dr. Pollack is an extraordinary man, meeting my dental needs, giving me complete confidence in my care. I felt a release of the weight I was carrying trying to manage my dental needs with all my medical needs. I am in the healthcare management field and I say this from professional and personal experiences, Dr. Pollack and his team is one that all members of healthcare should aspire to.

Doris D.

I have nothing to say other than positive comments about Dr. Pollack and his team of professionals. My 10 year old son and I are new patients of his practice and we both were very pleased with him and his team. The reception when we walked in was so friendly and I felt at ease right away. I have not had dental work for a long time and I did not feel as though I was being judged or spoken down to. Dr. Pollack's administrative assistant's, dental hygeniest and dental assistant explained everything prior to any work or out of pocket expenses incurred ahead of time. Each individual in his pratice is patient oriented. Dr. Pollack does excellent work and his professional and friendly manner are commendable. He does only the work needed and does not perform any unnecessary dental work. I would strongly recommend Dr. Pollack and his team to anyone looking for the best dentist!

Joanna G.

I am a total chicken when it comes to going to the dentist. I had my cleaning this morning and I can honestly say I never once felt any pain and she was quick and my teeth feel wonderful. Katie was above excellent. I want to thank her so much.

Harriet L.

The staff and Dr. Pollock are always friendly and able to put me at ease during my visit. Going to the dentist is not one of my favorite things to do, but having such a relaxed atmosphere in the office makes my visits a little less stressful! You rock!

Sherri Z.

The office staff and medical staff at Todd Pollack's dental office are incredibly courteous and accomodating. They will gladly answer any question and will resolve any issues quickly. I was 10 minutes late for my last appointment and the staff greeted me with a smile and I was taken in for my appointment right away. I would definitely recommend Todd Pollack to anyone.


I've been a patient of Dr. Pollack's for over 10 years. During that time, Dr. Pollack and his entire staff have always been courteous, personal, professional, timely, and very conscientious about providing the best care they can. I highly recommend Nashua Dentist to anyone.

Matt O.

Every time I come in to the office I am always greeted with a smile and recognized by name. The office is always very clean. Andrea is so very careful with the instruments in my mouth and she makes my time in the office very pleasant. Thank you for having such a wonderful staff and atmosphere.

Karen G.

Your office sets the standard for "best in class" timeliness. I make it a point to be early because I know you will be on time or ahead of schedule. Yesterday's appointment seemed to go especially well.

Frank H.

I am always pleased when I leave Dr. Pollack's office. I feel he and his staff continually go above and beyond to take care of me and my family. Thank you for all you do!!!!

Carol T.

You guys are fantastic. I would never go anywhere else! Trust is a tough thing to have when it comes to dental/medical providers nowadays. But I definitely trust the folks at your practice. Keep up the job well done!

Heather B.

As a new patient at this practice I am very pleased with the friendly service, expertise, "Bed side manner", close communications via text/email/phone, and use of state-of-the art technology for tests and examinations which adds to greater comfort as well as helping form a total treatment plan.

Neal D.

I was very happy with the way the staff made me feel and the treatment procedure I received. I would definitely recommend Dr. Pollack to friends and family.

Ken H.

We have been going to Dr. Pollack for a long time, we are very happy with his service and we are very happy with his staff. We would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Pollack for his services to anyone.

Bill & Debbie S.

What a great experience I had. I was so excited when I got to work I had to tell my co-worker about it. One of my co-workers said to me I never seen anyone so excited about see a dentist before. The office staff was friendly and courteous. Sarah was so helpful during my vist. I was impressed with Dr. Pollack when he called me before my visit to see if I had any questions or concerns.

Marion D.

I have to say… I’m so impressed with what you all have done for me at this dentist office. When I first called, I had an emergency and had broke a tooth that had a root canal and cracked off. Dr. Pollack was kind enough to fix it for free. AMAZING! I then scheduled a regular visit and had my xrays done finding out what I had already known about the health of my teeth. He assured me everything would be fine and I feel like I’m in the best hands ever. Never before has a dental office stayed in contact with me on what I have for a dental insurance balance... Thank you so much!!!!

Melissa H.

Dr. Pollack has a great sense of humor, which helps to relax me and make the visit more pleasant. He always explains everything he does and makes sure that I'm not in any pain. My visit went smoothly and the outcome was great. His assistant Sarah, was very pleasant and easy to talk with. What a great dental office!!!

Becky G.

Thank you for your patience with me! I know from friends it is unusual for someone to require as much novicane (spelling?) as I did. I thought I would feel the effects all afternoon, but, my face was back to normal by lunchtime. Thank you for telling me about the sensitivity I would feel in those teeth. I did have some difficulty with my hot tea that day. Good news, I did not have any difficulty with eating or drinking or brushing my teeth as of yesterday! I attribute that to your care and expertise. I may never be comfortable "in the chair" but I will always be grateful for your help in getting my smile back.

Catherine A.

My family and I have been seeing Dr. Pollack for close to 10 years. He is great with all ages -- a true family dentist -- and his staff is very professional. I've had a number of dental needs and the referrals that Dr. Pollack has made to other specialists have been equally impressive. I have referred a number of colleagues over the years to this practice and all continue to be patients of his practice today.‎

Susan E.

It's a unique practice that makes you feel welcome and cared for as though you were family (not inlaws, but real family...) Much thanks


Dr.P has always treated me with the approach that i would like to treat my belief he has gone above and beyond the expectations of what many may consider "the system". Much

Brian G.

I have always had my expectations exceeded by everyone in the office. I am happy to let friends and family know who my dentist is!

John P.

This is a great office. The entire staff is very friendly and helpful. The office is always clean and well kept. Dr. Pollack is thorough and only does additional dental work when necessary. He is also very high tech so you know that he is aware of all new technology and procedures. I have heard of other dentists that claim they must put crowns on teeth of people who are close to retirement even though there is no problem with the teeth - it is done while these patients have better insurance. That behavior is very suspicious to me and I am confident that Dr. Pollack would never follow this policy. I am grateful for that!!!Thanks for such wonderful service.


Even after all the years I have been coming to this practive, I am still amazed about the office always running on time!

Elaine R.

I went on a first emergency appointment with Todd Pollack and I have to say that I have received oustanding customer care. I would definitely refer the practice to my friends and family. Last night, I had lost my front crown and I have to work with customers. Just one phone call at 10:00 am today and Jodi returned my call half an hour later with a scheduled appointment the same day at 1:50 PM. Thanks to the Nashua Dentist Team

Muriel R.

The service at Dr Pollack’s was top notch as always. They always have the latest in dental services and technology. The staff is really friendly and they genuinely seem to care about their patients.

Scott L.

This practice has been my dentist since 1943, I am obviously well satisfied -- both with Boyd Weston and Todd Pollack. Appointments are on time, work is explained and all in the office are courteous and friendly. Not that one really loves to go to the dentist, but this office easily makes is a pleasant experience!

Sally H.

Today was my first visit and I couldn't be more pleased. I feel I have found myself and my family a dentist for life. Dr. Pollack was professional, kind and thorough. I never felt rushed and was constantly asked if I have any questions or concerns. Truly, this office is the dental care gem of the Nashua area.

Kristi G.