"Dr. Yu and his team go above and beyond with the level service they provide. After being a patient for maybe a little over a year I can’t recall a single negative interaction. They truly provide complete connected care and round the clock emergency services. Dr. Yu has even opened the office after hours to address emergency situations. They also have a text messaging service that allows you to voice quick concerns and questions that you may have, which always get responses within a timely manner. Through that service they will also check in on you while you’re in the recovery process. I can’t say enough good things about the team at Your Nashua Dentist! I definitely recommend and encourage you to visit them if you’re looking for a friendly and welcoming experience."

Kali M

"As I have reached middle age, my teeth have begun to have increasing issues. My first choice for these issues is always Your Nashua Dentist. They have convenient appointment times, an excellent consultation environment, exceptional accounting and handling services, and staff with enthusiastic attitudes. Notably, Dr. Yu, the attending physician, is experienced and responsible. In my case, one of my teeth needed a dental crown. After my first treatment, I wore a temporary crown with plans to change to a formal crown two weeks later. However, during this period, I felt that my teeth were a little sensitive. After discussing the issue with Dr. Yu, it was clear that it was a matter of great significance to him, and he did not change to the formal crown after the originally planned two weeks. Instead, he helped alleviate the sensitivity of my tooth for no additional cost and observed it for another two weeks. Dr. Yu made sure to be certain that there was no issue with the tooth before changing it to a formal crown. Now, the crown fits perfectly, and I can hardly tell it is not my actual tooth. Dr. Yu's expertise and serious attitude made my experience highly enjoyable. The fear of reprising issues with that tooth in the future is greatly relieved, and there is a powerful psychological sense of security and confidence. I highly recommend Your Nashua Dentist!"

Chun C

"I would definitely recommend Dr. Yu. Dr. Yu has done a great job in all kinds of dental services. He has been doing teeth cleaning, fillings and crown for me. He is not only respected by the high quality of his service but also more importantly, the ethical attitude conveyed to the patient. There was one time he did the crown for one of my teeth, which had gone through a second root canal, and was extremely fragile. He treated it very cautiously in order to make sure every single step complete smoothly. The whole process took around two hours. He could make it faster but he prioritized quality and professionalism over his time. In order to make my teeth look beautiful, he also customized my teeth with his collaborator and covered all the cost, which indeed looks much more beautiful than another big white crown I did a few years ago without any customization. Finally, he kept asking my feelings after the crown and paid great attention to any of my concerns. I had a minor concern that the crowned teeth may occasionally touch one of the bottom teeth with some lever effect, but it wouldn't affect my daily life. Dr. Yu treated it very cautiously and invited me to adjust the bottom teeth and my nightguard. After all the whole crown process, my teeth looks nice and felt very good."

Teng W

"Best dentist and staff ever! Even the most dentist fearful person will be at ease. Dr. Yu is very sweet, kind and compassionate. I have never liked a dentist until now and I wouldn't dream of seeing anyone else. Even my son who was traumatized by a dentist many years ago when to his office and did amazing. The whole staff is amazing."

Diane S

"I recommend this office whenever anyone needs a dentist. Dr. Jun Yu is a very skilled dentist who deserves so much praise and more. I've been to dentists who are cold in demeanor and leave me feeling anxious the entire visit. Dr. Jun Yu is the complete opposite. I used to feel so much reluctance and fear when faced with dental appointments, but I truly don't feel that anymore. The professionalism here is remarkable. Additionally, his staff is so friendly and inviting, especially his dental assistant. I've seen the same staff throughout the entire time I've been a patient there signaling low turnover rate. This tells me they all work extremely well together and treat each other like family. This definitely carries over into patient care!"

Amelia D

"Dr Yu is a great person as well as an excellent dentist! He keeps up with the latest technology & he's very detail oriented."

Ed K

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