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Kids Dental

Setting your kids up with great oral hygiene habits for life

What is kids dental?

Paediatric dentistry, or children’s dentistry, is the services and treatments given to those under the age of 18 for their oral health needs.

By the time your child reaches 2 years of age, you must make an appointment for their first visit with a dentist. There may be some rare circumstances that would warrant a visit to a dental provider before this age, but for most children, this is the age when their official dental care begins.
On their first visit to the Your Nashua Dentist Clinic, this will be an opportunity for your child to become acquainted with the dental chair, environment, staff, and their dentist. Our friendly dentist will perform a visual examination of your child's teeth, as well as address any concerns or identify any possible future issues. You and your child will also have the opportunity to ask any questions, and the dental staff will instruct you both on proper dental hygiene at home.
From there, your child will receive standard dental care as they grow. This includes all of the usual treatments and services you would expect as an adult, including:

Preventive care
Routine dental cleaning
Oral examinations
Dental x-rays
Orthodontics (plates or braces)
In addition to annual check-ups, it’s important to follow recommendations regarding treatments or procedures for dental issues.

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Advantages of children’s dentistry

Looking after our children’s health is vital, and their oral health is a big part of that. Here are a few key advantages of paediatric dentistry:
* Maintain good oral health during childhood: Dental pain can be rough, especially for young kids, which is why avoiding issues with regular check-ups and good dental hygiene habits is a good way to ensure great oral health during childhood.
* Set up good habits for life: Taking your child to regular dental visits and teaching them the importance of dental hygiene will help to set them up with good habits and dental health for life.
* Avoid dental problems as an adult: Poor dental health as a child can lead to issues with teeth and gums throughout life, leading to discomfort and expensive treatments during adulthood. Preventative children’s dentistry and a solid, healthy foundation can help to avoid these problems down the track.
* Avoid dental fear: By starting dental visits early, you may be able to avoid the fear that some children (and plenty of adults) have of dentists and dentistry.

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Maintaining your child's dental health at home

It is critical to establish healthy dental habits for your children, including brushing sessions at least twice a day for two minutes each session, as well as flossing when age-appropriate after two years old.
For young babies, use a cloth to clean their gums and when their teeth begin to appear, use a specially designed toothbrush for infants to keep their teeth healthy and clean.
Do not use any toothpaste until 18 months of age, at which time you may use a pea-size amount of children's toothpaste with low fluoride until two years of age. From ages two to eight, children may use a smear of regular children’s toothpaste for brushing their teeth. Additionally, aim for a diet that’s low in sugar, as sugar can cause tooth decay at any age.
Keep in mind that children younger than the age of six will need your assistance to brush their teeth properly. And don't forget to replace toothbrushes every three to four months.
Our goal is to help children develop healthy smiles that will last a lifetime; get in touch with our friendly team and schedule an appointment today.

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If you’re ready to take the next step towards a healthier, happier smile, book your appointment with us today.

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