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Regular Check-Up

"Regular check-ups for your oral health are essential to keep your smile healthy and happy."

What to expect from a dental check-up

At Your Nashua Dentist  we are a friendly bunch that will be with you whether you're returning as you haven't seen a dentist in a while or hunting for a new dental clinic; every regular dental check-up is similar. You want somebody friendly who makes your health a priority, and who is easy to understand when it comes to explaining exactly what they're doing.
With your visit to your dentist, you can expect the following things:
* A thorough inspection of your mouth to check for potential cavities, issues with your gum line (possible gum disease), tooth decay, and more.
* X-rays to provide a better view of your teeth, jaws, and the overall condition of your mouth.
* A professional dental cleaning, which will include a thorough scale and flossing of the teeth. This will also help to determine the general dental health of your gums and teeth. If the cleaning is uncomfortable, or your mouth is sensitive at the time, your dentist may prescribe a special toothpaste.
* A chance to discuss any concerns or problems you've been facing with your dentist, such as bad breath or bleeding gums.

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Why check-ups are important

Dental professionals highly recommend that individuals undergo a thorough check-up and cleaning of their teeth twice a year. This routine examination, which should be scheduled every six months, is considered the effective way to maintain a healthy attractive smile, as well as to identify any potential dental issues and address them before they become more serious problems. One way ensure that you are taking good care of your oral health enhancing your overall wellbeing is to take advantage of your dental extras. By doing so, you can avoid paying any out-of expenses while still receiving the necessary treatments and services. It is advisable to consult with your health fund provider to determine the extent of your coverage and the specific services that are available to you.

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It is never too late to take care of your wellbeing

We understand that it may be scary to visit the dentist or it may have been some time. We don’t judge. We are here to provide an expert helping hand to get you back in good health, as you only get one set of teeth, so let's keep you smiling.

If you are a health fund member, there are extra perks saving you money, but we also don’t want to forget about those who don’t have health coverage - we've got you covered, too - with our new patient offer.

Get in touch with our friendly team and schedule your appointment at Your Nashua Dentist today

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If you’re ready to take the next step towards a healthier, happier smile, book your appointment with us today.

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